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Personell services
Steel Constructions
Personell services

Personnel services to the Construction, Oil&Gas and Energy industry, including:


Welding inspectors (IWI), FROSIO inspectors, Supervisors, Quality Controllers, Electrical.

Project engineers, Commissioning engineers, Field Engineers, Designers.

Electricians, Welders/fitters/Mechanics, Thermal insulation, Architectural/carpenters, Surface treatment, Scaffolding, Passice fire protection.


Steel Constructions

Steel Constructions:


  • Expert advice,
  • Plan and layout creation,
  • Prefabrication,
  • Logistics, Assemble on-site,
  • Quality control – cooperation with ArcelorMittal Laboratories.  
  • In association with Yabimo

MarLog AS is stocking spherical bouys with a  broad range of sizes and depths, for immediate  delivery ex stock Dusavik Base, Stavanger.

The buoys are single-piece devices, and suitable for  operations and needs where buoyancy requirement are  modest. Sizes up to Ø450 mm have a 50 mm hole through  the buoy, through which a rope or wire can be threaded. Pad  eyes can be mounted as an option. The holes are also  suitable for manual handling. The Ø800 mm and Ø1000 mm  buoys have a Ø110 mm hole, and are most often delivered  with pad eyes.

Other dimensions of spherical buoys and other subsea  buoyancy available upon request. Please allow for some  delivery time.

Enquiry can be sent to:  See fact sheet

MarLog offers standard buoyancy modules and  assemblies that are the obvious cost efficient  choice for applications that do not require specific  shape or size of buoyancy modules.

This standardized buoyancy covers buoyancy from 5 kg to 20

tons from surface to several thousand meters water depth.

Please contact geir@marlog.nofor any questions regarding buoyancy products.


Positioneering is the first global GNSS  service provider to enter the offshore  market in over 10 years.


Established as a completely independent  company to specialize in delivering optimum  precise positioning solutions, it is now  completing a two year multi-million dollar  product development program ahead of  launching its new services over the next few  months.


The business consists of the following four principal product / service  offerings:

  • Subscriptions to globally broadcast precise positioning data services.
  • Sale and rental of receiver and other associated hardware.
  • Sale and rental of complementary software to carry out value-added data processing and to provide application-specific graphical representation of the eventual positioning solutions.
  • Provision of value added supporting services such as installation, maintenance and training.
  • Collectively these services and components allow the operators of vessels, oil drilling rigs and other offshore craft to position and navigate to levels of accuracy ranging from 1m up to 10cm with high levels of reliability, availability and resilience.

Please contact magne@marlog.nofor any questions regarding positioning services.

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