From small surface buoys to 50 tons subsea elements

Buoyancy Products

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Our Buoyancy Products

We can develop and produce the product that suits your needs. Click a category to learn more and see products.

Spherical Buoys

These buoys are perfect for modest needs. Small and versatile, with buoyancy from 5,5kg to 450kg.

Cylindrical Support Buoys

CSB buoys are made with easy handling and loading both on- and offshore in mind. Buoyancy from 540kg to 3200kg.

Subsea Support Buoys

SSB Buoys are flexible and will suit any need. Easy to adjust, even offshore. Buoyancy from 32kg to 3400kg.

Modular Support Buoy

MSB Bouys are though and made for both permanent and temporary use. Buoyancy from 220kg to 80 tons.


To fit all operations, we have a broad range of accessories custom for our buoys. Markers, steelwork, lights and tracking.

We are able to develop and produce whatever product may suit your need

Our buoyancy products range from small surface buoys to 50 tons subsea elements. As well, we offer an extensive range of associated products such as pipe stacking units and pipe protection.

Prominent engineering department & flexible moulding technology

Due to our prominent engineering department and the flexible moulding technology, we are able to develop and produce whatever product may suit your need. The modular system itself is flexible, and can be easily modified to suit different depths, sometimes even when still offshore.

The core technology 

The core technology is based upon high-performance syntactic foam adapted to the desired operating depth. PartnerPlast are ISO9001:2008 certified, and have end-to-end quality assurance and control throughout the complete manufacturing process. When required, PartnerPlast uses independent third parties for testing, verification and certification.

Our range includes:

We also offer repair of our buoyancy products.

Buoyancy suitable for several applications

The products are suitable for several applications, and are available from surface to deep water. The systems are modular with a variety of configurations, in order to meet requirments precisely. In addition to the standards listed, we can offer modifications on request. 

We deliver products to be used for applications such as:

  • Rig and FPSO moorings
  • Surface and Subsea Operations
  • Offshore Protection Systems

Why rotational moulding?

All our buoyancy products are made from rotational moulding.

Additional processes can be added; for example filling with polyurethane foam or epoxy filler. Rotational moulding offers the opportunity to manufacture stress-free parts with uniform wall thickness and complex shapes at a relatively low production cost.

Moulds are first filled with small plastic pellets. The mould is then heated and rotated, using centrifugal force to coat the inner walls of the moulds with plastic. No additional pressure is required during the casting.

The lifetime of buoyancy elements can be specified up to 30 years.


Our partner – PartnerPlast

We have a close partnership with renowned plastic production specialist PartnerPlast. Thru this co-operation, we can offer buoyancy products with exceptional flexibility and durability. Established In 1946, PartnerPlast is one of the giants in the industry. Both main office and production located in Møre og Romsdal, Norway we can be certain of efficient deliveries.


Product Categories

Click on the product categories to read more about the different products we offer

Buoyancy products

Our buoys are built by the toughest of standards, and are used in the harshest of conditions.

Yokohama Fenders

We offer genuine high-quality Yokohama fenders built to last. 


For operations on the seabed, or on land, protection and support mats can be crucial.

Pipe Stacking Units

For storage of drilling riser buoyancy/pipes, we offer stacking units to minimize skidding and increase safety on board.

Positioning Services

High-precision positioning is crucial to both navigation, and subsea operations.

REAL Anti-Slip products

Our solutions ensure that everyone can move around safely on all types of surfaces no matter the conditions.

Buoyancy repair

At MarLog we have considerable experience with repairs of surface and subsea buoys. We offer a repair program for the complete range of buoys we deliver. Before starting the project, we will inspect the buoys to establish how sever the damage is, and however it will be economically viable for the owner to repair, or we recommended changing the unit.

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