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Our selection of Ladder Rung Covers

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Prevent accidents with anti slip ladder rung covers

Unfortunately, too many accidents occur when using ladders, and there is an increased danger associated with such a fall as this potentially can be several meters. Naturally, we advise everyone to get their ladder rungs slip-proofed. However, we especially advise people who use outdoor ladders to slip-proof their steps and ladders, as the rung of the ladders become slippery by the slightest moisture or rain. Similarily, ladder rungs in the food industry are very risky areas because grease, oil and other organic material are known safety liabilities here.

Ladder profiles from REAL Safety prevent slips and falls and can be mounted directly on the existing rungs – regardless of material or shape.

All of our ladder rung profiles are made of quality fibreglass with embedded silicon carbide stones that make the steps almost indestructible and very slip-resistant.

Our ladder rung profiles will prevent slipping. They are non-slip, no matter if they are wet, oily or greasy. They remain anti-slip and safe.

Ladders are extremely important to secure.

Many ladders are quite slippery, especially if the rungs are in contact with water, grease or other slippery organic materials.

Fall injuries from ladders have an extra danger potential depending on the height where the shoe looses the grip. A fall from several meters may be fatal. Therefore it is extremely important to slip-proof all ladders in order to significantly eliminate the risk of a serious slip accident. Luckily, the solution is quick and easy is guaranteed to last for at least 10 years or more.

Rung profiles in various shapes, sizes and color

We provide both half round, channel and diamond shaped rung profiles. Each profile can easily be mounted directly on the existing rung without need for modification.

We produce ladder rung profiles in many different colors. Some colors are expressive and very visual, reminding us that ladders are places where accidents may occur.

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