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Our selection of Safety Mats

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We have a variety of safety mats

We have both ergonomic and anti-slip mats, and of course we also have mats that are both. What safety mat you need depends on where you want to place it and what effect you expect from the mat.

We always recommend investing in ergonomic safety mats that ensure high comfort for those areas where work is done for long periods of time.

Our safety mats are available with both text and pictograms, which can have an additional safety optimization effect.

Many of our safety mats are extremely resistant and durable, and they can easily be placed in harsh environments where they are exposed to a lot of wear, without ripping or breaking.

Where should you use Safety Mats?

We see quite often that people are unsure about where they should have safety mats.

One should always acquire security mats for areas where a lot of work is done as the mats not only enhance safety, but also provide more comfort for the people working on them. In addition, you should of course also acquire safety mats for areas where there is a risk of falling and there is no other obvious solution to this problem than safety mats. You can benefit from checking out our other anti-slip solutions if you are in doubt as to whether another safety optimization solution is preferable to one or more safety mat(s).

If we are to identify which areas may be advantageous to equip with one or more safety mats, then it would be in the following locations: at the machines, at doors and entrances, at the packing tables, at receptions and in hallways.

Product Categories

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Buoyancy products

Our buoys are built by the toughest of standards, and are used in the harshest of conditions.

Yokohama Fenders

We offer genuine high-quality Yokohama fenders built to last. 


For operations on the seabed, or on land, protection and support mats can be crucial.

Pipe Stacking Units

For storage of drilling riser buoyancy/pipes, we offer stacking units to minimize skidding and increase safety on board.

Positioning Services

High-precision positioning is crucial to both navigation, and subsea operations.

REAL Anti-Slip products

Our solutions ensure that everyone can move around safely on all types of surfaces no matter the conditions.

Buoyancy repair

At MarLog we have considerable experience with repairs of surface and subsea buoys. We offer a repair program for the complete range of buoys we deliver. Before starting the project, we will inspect the buoys to establish how sever the damage is, and however it will be economically viable for the owner to repair, or we recommended changing the unit.

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