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Our selection of Stair Tread products

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Anti-slip safety of stairs and staircases

Unfortunately, too many accidents happen on stairs. Especially outdoor stairs are exposed and potentially dangerous, because just a few drops of water are enough for steps to become slippery. In winter, there is even the risk that the steps will be covered with ice, and that is obviously dangerous.

We can deliver a super anti-slip solution that reduces the risk of accidents on the stairs. We actually produce non-slip steps in fibreglass.

When to secure a staircase?

If there is the slightest risk of an accident on a staircase, we recommend that the steps on the staircase be secured. It is clear, however, that there are stairs that are more dangerous than others.

Stairs that come into contact with either oil, water, ice, grease or chemicals should always be anti-slip secured.

Our anti-slip products are resilient and powerful and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor stairs.

Why choose Fibreglass stairs?

  • Fibreglass steps are 100% maintenance free.
  • Fibreglass stair treads are as strong as steel grates and can be replaced 1:1 (same height).
  • Fibreglass steps weigh about a third of steel steps.
  • Fibreglass steps are ergonomic to go and stand on as they are flexible.
  • Corrosion never arises.
  • Fibre grating can be cut on site without finishing of any kind.
  • The steps are available with our well-known anti-slip surface.
  • They can be equipped with yellow anti-slip stair ‘nose’ embedded in the step.

Product Categories

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Buoyancy products

Our buoys are built by the toughest of standards, and are used in the harshest of conditions.

Yokohama Fenders

We offer genuine high-quality Yokohama fenders built to last. 


For operations on the seabed, or on land, protection and support mats can be crucial.

Pipe Stacking Units

For storage of drilling riser buoyancy/pipes, we offer stacking units to minimize skidding and increase safety on board.

Positioning Services

High-precision positioning is crucial to both navigation, and subsea operations.

REAL Anti-Slip products

Our solutions ensure that everyone can move around safely on all types of surfaces no matter the conditions.

Buoyancy repair

At MarLog we have considerable experience with repairs of surface and subsea buoys. We offer a repair program for the complete range of buoys we deliver. Before starting the project, we will inspect the buoys to establish how sever the damage is, and however it will be economically viable for the owner to repair, or we recommended changing the unit.

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