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Designed to give the best and softest reaction force to both ships and quaysides

Known throughout the industry for its unprecedented durability and life expectancy, we at MarLog is proud to offer Yokohama-style fenders as a part of our product range. We have fenders for sale and rental for short or long periods. The pneumatic fenders are designed to give the best and softest reaction force to both ships and quaysides. The fenders are even proven to perform safely when excess load is applied to them.

The Yokohama pneumatic fender was developed in 1958 and are constructed by an inner rubber layer filled with compressed air, reinforcing cord layers and outer rubber layer. Completed with chain and tire fender nets. The handling and installation of the fender is easy, as is supported by its own weight in water. As such, you can easily tow the fender behind a small vessel and moor it to wherever needed.

Yokohama-style pneumatic fender is fully compliant with both ISO 17357:2014 standards, making it the toughest most durable product on the market. The fender shows no deterioration or variation in performance due to fatigue or extremely low temperatures, thereby removing the need for owners to make regular replacements.

We can offer an extensive range of Yokohama-style pneumatic fenders, sizing from fenders sizable for small fishing vessels to our MEGA fender suitable for the biggest tankers in the world. Additionally, we can offer vertically floating pneumatic fenders, suitable for vessel whose berthing point is below the water line such as catamaran ships, semi-submersible platforms and other submersibles.

Our branch office at Karmsund Servicebase have fenders in stock for short or long term. The fenders measures 2500x4000mm, and is suitable for a variety of projects. Other dimensions of pneumatic fenders and other marine fenders available upon request.

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Yokohama Fenders

We offer genuine high-quality Yokohama fenders built to last. 


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