At MarLog, we are seriously committed to taking  care. This applies for the quality of our services,  the safety and welfare of people as well as for the  environment we live in.

Integrating quality, health, safety and concern for the environment

MarLog has set out to create a safe, healthy and stimulating working environment. We set to perform all activities safely without any harm to people, environment or materials.

We believe that it is possible to avoid accidents by taking  proper care and consequently aiming for:

  • Zero injuries to people.
  • Zero work related illnesses.
  • Zero harm to the environment.
  • Zero material damage.

Quality objectives reflecting our zero-philosophy:

  • Zero mistakes and
  • Zero customer complaints.

Further quality objectives of MarLog are related to always  being available and always providing top service.

We are dedicated to satisfy our customers by being solution oriented (no problems – only challenges).

MarLog depends on its customers and therefore strives to understand current and future customer needs, to meet customer requirements and to exceed customer expectations. People at all levels are our main assets; their full involvement is vital for our customers and us.

Continual improvement of our performance is a permanent objective.